A Place to Call Home

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A story from our Area IV Agency on Aging SHIP Counselor, Saundra Lowry.

In September, a woman named Jane* came to visit with me about some possible help with car repairs. In talking with her I discovered that she and her husband had moved in with his ill father to care for him. He died at the beginning of that year and the home was being sold. They needed to find a place to live so they moved into an apartment that March while being on the waiting list for Section 8 rental assistance.

Their income is $1,000 a month and the rent was $800. She has been looking for a job, but because she was a senior, it becomes more difficult to find work. Area IV Agency on Aging had some funding to help with the car repairs so they paid for the work that needed to be done. Shortly after that she called to thank me and asked if we possibly had any apartments available. I told her that I would send one of our housing managers an email to inquire. Sue wrote back and said she had an apartment available if they could come talk to her that day. I called Jane* and they went down right away.

Not only did they get the apartment, they also are at the top of the list for a Section 8 voucher which will give them rental assistance. In one fell swoop they went from being on the edge to being more secure in both the way of housing and finances. This is one of a hundred ways that we make a difference in the lives of the people we serve here at Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc..

* Clients name has been changed to respect the privacy of their identity.


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