What Has Rocky Done for Me? Spirit Of Service

What has Rocky done for me?  “Rocky’s Spirit of Service (SOS) Day meant everything to my parents this past spring.  I go by every day to take care of my folks, but I just can’t find the time to get to the yard and exterior work.”


Carey’s father has a disability and uses a wheelchair, and his mom has Alzheimer’s Disease.  Spirit of Service is an annual event with hundreds of volunteers providing yardwork and minor exterior repairs to many homes in Helena, East Helena, and the Helena Valley.  Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co., P.C. has partnered with Rocky for nearly 20 years and helped create this day of service.  In recent years, over 500 volunteers and over 30 businesses partner with SOS.


Carey said the SOS volunteers did more yardwork than has been done in quite a while at his parents’ home.  “I am so grateful that there are people in this community who are willing to take a day off work and help the elderly and disabled in our community.  This is a great thing for Helena.”


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